• Copper Wire Recycling System

    Sincro Pro industrial aluminum and copper recycling granulator and separator meets most budgets for small to large processors for all types of wire and cable including large conductors .. Pre sorted wire based on conductor size can be

  • Power Cable Granulating Facility Copper Wire Recycling Machine

    The Power Cable Granulating Facility Copper Wire Recycling Machine is dry type structure mainly used to all kinds of waste copper wire the copper wire will be separated into tiny copper rice and PVC. This machine can recycle the copper wire which diameterer is 0.3mm 20mm.

  • China Rubber Milling Machine Rubber Grinder Tire Grinder

    Small size low noise high output low energy consumption simple operation easy disassembly without any environmental pollution. Income and fine powder with numerous burr and powder surface fractal easy and other colloids. Waste Tire Tyre Rubber Grinding Milling Machine Details 1. Top quality of the main Frame

  • Shiglo Tech Private Limited

    Machine is Panel is designed by Professional Panel Designer which help to run machine effectively. Machine is Phase Detector which save machine from burning of motors due to vsaration in the phase supply. ST 100 is a Made in India Dry type Granulating Machine that process auto wire mixed copper wire cable.

  • Wire forming benders tools and pliers for making fishing


  • Hobby and Craft Metal Wire and Metal Rods

    Hobby and Craft Metal Wire and Metal Rods. Shop online for 77 hobby and craft metal wire and metal rods at discounts up to 23 . K S is ranked #1 out of 3 hobby and craft metal wire and metal rods manufacturers followed by Trumpeter and Detail Associates.

  • waste recycled small plastic grinding recycling machine

    Aug 06 2021  Multiple Choice for Copper Recycling Machine Copper. 1500 1500 1800 220V/380V 1193KW Small Granulator Function of 400 Type Small Cable Granulator 400 Type Small Cable Granulator is a kind of scrap wire recycling machine With latest technology and unique design It uses mechanical power to separate the insulation cover from the metal core

  • Copper Wire Recycling System

    Sincro Pro industrial aluminum and copper recycling granulator and separator meets most budgets for small to large processors for all types of wire and cable including large conductors .. Pre sorted wire based on conductor size can be fed directly into this system. Pre cutting or shredding is recommended for faster and safer operation.

  • Plastic Crusher Granulator Grinder

    Plastic Crusher Granulator Grinder. Plastic Grinder or sometimes called Crusher/Granulator has the unique ability can quickly and efficiently cut the plastic scrap into small uniform flakes or regrinds for recycling. At the core the grinder is an open rotor mount with heavy duty knives in v shape array. As the rotor is spun at high speeds

  • CopperMine Copper Wire Granulator Industrial Compact Machine

    COPPERMINE S Model 610 is the MOST VERSATILE copper wire granulator on the market. Processing speed approx. 150 lbs insulated wire per hour. 1 Year Warranty most generous on the market backed by superior quality Outstanding customer service Need Financing No problem we offer hassle free financing options available Customer Reviews

  • Amazon plastic shredder machine for recycling

    Support small shop women owned. 1 16 of 233 results for plastic shredder machine Happybuy Wire Stripping Machine DA 0.06 inch 1.5 inch Wire Stripper Machine 11 Channels 10 Blades Automatic Wire Stripping Tool with Manual Hand Cranked Industrial for Recycling Copper Wire 240 Minute 5 Sheets 7.9 Gallons High Capacity Commercial

  • small cable wire granulator small cable wire granulator

    This kind of machine won t make any pollution when you are using no secondary pollution. miniBS 400 is a small type copper granulator machine its capacity is about 100 150Kg/Hour. Also this model is very small and it can save space convenient for your to move.

  • Wire Sizing Selection Guide

    The charts below contain recommended minimum wire size AWG for different voltage horsepower and cable length combinations. These charts are only a guide. Please consult the National Electric Code NEC and any applicable local standards for exact requirements. Single Phase 115 Volt Wire Size Selection Guide . HP. Cable Length. Up to 30 .

  • Rubber Granulator Machine Rubber Granulating Machine

    The end product after granulation process is much smaller than that from rubber shredding process. So it is typically the third station in the tire recycling line. After tire granulating process the end product normally is fiber free and wire free rubber crumb. The first shredder and secondary shredder can shred tires into 20mm rubber for example.

  • Automatic Copper Wire Recycling Machine Wire Cable Making

    Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine is dry type structure with large processing capacity and increased the electrostatic separator the copper particles of separator with higher purity the applicable range of Phi waste line diameter of 0.3 mm to Phi 20 mm automobile electrical route or car bottom line motorcycle electric line computer case line and communication cable

  • GR Powder Granulators

    These machines are GMP compliant and have been carefully designed from the outset to meet the need for an energy efficient reliable solution with high working capacities and low maintenance. The motors in this series range from 250 watts up to 2.2Kw meaning that the GR series is a comprehensive solution that covers the granulating

  • China 6 Electric Power Waste Copper Wire Granulator

    Cable Wire Recycling Machine Detail Instruction 1.Shredding System Shredding is the first step of whole recycling process of the granulator machine.There is 14pieces of moving blades inside the crusher and it can cut small pieces of scrap copper wires to small pellet with size of 5 8mm depends on raw material size . 2.Separating system The high pressure fan brings

  • Rotary Granulator China Granulating Machine Manufacturer

    Chuanchu Company is a specialized rotary granulator manufacturer in China. We can supply ZL250 and ZL300 granulating machines. ZL rotary granulator is especially suitable for material of higher viscidity. It can press the mixed substances into the demanded particles.

  • Copper Wire Granulator / Granulating Machine

    1. Machine cable Granulator. 2. Capacity 200 300kg per hour. 3. Online support and video support always provide. 4. If customer has limited budget the bag dust removal is recommended If customer wants a more automatically plant the pulse dust removal is recommended.

  • rotary drum dryer/fertilizer granulator machine Page 3

    Aug 18 2016  The NPK production equipment has the advantages of running stable low malfunction rate small maintenance and low price and gets favorable comments of customers.The three in one rotary drum machine is the patented product of our factory it integrates the functions of drying BBS equipment secondary granulating and cooling and

  • Amp Chart

    Amp Chart Lead Wire Current Carrying Capacity Ampacity AWG SIZE Insulated Conductor Temperature Rating AWG SIZE at 80 C at 90 C at 105 C at 125 C at 150 C at 200 C 40 0.33 0.49 0.55 0.60 0.71 0.78 40 38 0.47 0.68 0.77

  • Wet Granulators

    The capacity of the machine will dictate the amount of raw materials that you can use in the granulation process. Consider the type of granulating machine you are using such as planetary mixer rapid mixer granulator or fluidized bed granulator. you can use the oscillator granulator machine in small or low scale wet granulation.

  • China Customized The Small Poultry Feed Pellet Granulator

    RG 22SS series Single Shaft Shredder for Small Throughput are mainly used to crush sprue head material block from injection molding machine or blow molding machine. After shredding into Dia40mm material recrushed into Dia12mm by crushers. Plastic shredding machines RG 2240SS special design to make sure the material out of pollution and overheat.

  • Recycling machines

    Short description The ADuro U is a powerful single shaft shredder and shreds the material with only one step to the required size. With integrated quick changeable screen sections a grain size of 10 150 mm can be achieved. The robust shredder is powerful energy efficient reliable and maintenance friendly. Read more.

  • Organic Waste Recycling Granulator Machine

    Organic Waste Recycling Granulator Machine. In View Of The Beauty And Space Size We Recommend Organic Waste Converter Machine To You Whose Volume Ranges From 3100M 3 What’S More The Fermented Garden Waste Can Be Used As Fertilizer In The Garden You Can Use It In The Soil Or As Mulch Food Waste Recycling Organic Waste Converter Machine Will

  • Best small printer 2022 the best compact printers

    Feb 04 2022  Thanks to its small size and decent 4800 DPI you can print easily from a phone or tablet so long as it is hooked up to the Wi Fi. Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print compatibility also make it super easy to print on the go. At just 12 inches long by 2 inches tall this small compact printer will easily fit into a backpack or carry on for travel.

  • Granulators Directory Equipment Suppliers ..

    This machine can be used for processing various cable such as automatic electric circuit wire communication cable etc. with dia. under 25mm by daily capacity 1.5 2tons. More details you can visit copper recycle

  • high capacity cable shredder and separator for coppe

    The MG 220 VZT is a high capacity wire granulating machine that recovers copper from just about any waste wiring component including scrap of different specific gravities. Through its patented pulverizing system the MG 220 VZT will process 1 100 to 1 300 lbs. of waste material every hour. Contact Online.

  • Parallel twin screw extruder desktope type ..

    Q A to the parallel twin screw extruder and the granulating line Q1 usable temperature The standard extruder is under 300C. Q2 production rate and production line speed 20 1000g per hour Q3 Does SJ25Twin GL include a pelletizer and a unit for cooling extruded filament using water Yes. Pelletizer cooling bath and tractor are included.

  • scrap copper wire recycling machine professional produce

    TF1200 copper wire recycling line is CE approved which used to recycle large size scrapped copper wires and cables like automobile wires telecommunication wires and other kinds of copper wires.The granulating capacity can reach to 1200kg per hour.Quality Cable Granulator Machine Copper Separator Machine 36 Full PDFs related to this paper.

  • Granulating Machine Pelletizing Machine Granulator Pelletizer

    4. Granulating machine is designed and made according to the requirements of GMP. How to Choose Pelletizing Machine We usually purchase granulators or pelletizers according to the capacity and the size of raw material and finished material. Guarantee The guarantee period is thirteen months from shipment date. During this period we will provide

  • Matching Wire Size to Circuit Amperage

    Sep 05 2021  Wire is sized by the American Wire Gauge AWG system. Wire gauge refers the physical size of the wire rated with a numerical designation that runs opposite to the diameter of the conductors in other words the smaller the wire gauge number the larger the wire diameter. Common sizes include 14 12 10 8 6 and 2 gauge wire.

  • YK 160 Wet Powder Granulating Machine

    This is the most common granulating machine used for forming the required granule sizes from wet powder material or crushing dried blocks into granules as you required. Thanks to the reliable performance JUNZHUO MACHINERY YK160 series oscillating granulators are widely used in pharmaceutical food chemical cosmetic and nutrition industries.

  • 99.5 Separation Rate Copper And Plastic Granulator China

    Cable Copper Wire Cable Wires Recycling Plant. 99.5 Separation Rate Copper And Plastic Granulator is used to crush and separate all kinds of automobile power lines communication cables and miscellaneous power cables. This copper busbar bending machine can completely separate copper and plastic and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization has higher

  • Wet Mixing Granulator High Efficient Granulating Machine

    Compared to traditional machines high efficient wet mixing granulator saves 25 of adhesive and uses shorter drying time. Our high efficient granulating machines only take two minutes to mix and about one to four minutes to granulate.